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The world is full of talented kids, but only a few will succeed when they are grown up. To be able to break through into the world of glamor and glitter they need two things: talent and knowledge. Those who has no talent falls off straight away. But even those who do have talent, has to go a long and hard way. Together with a normal education, because success is never guaranteed. Young Artists is paying attention for these talented kids, and hopes that someday their wishes come true.

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The first time I heard Griffin, it was with a cover of the Beatles song `Help` in 2012. Only ten years old, Griffin did not only the vocals, but also played all the instruments himself. Other covers followed, some together with a Beatles tribute band called `Run for your Life`. But also some self written songs, like `Gotta Get the Girl`, `Girlfriend` and `All Along`.
Recently he surprised us with a new single `Who to Be`. His voice has changed (in a good way) and the video shots in the clip are excellent.

Saskia Eng is from Edinburgh and has been singing since she was 9 years old. She is currently studying at the City of Edinburgh music school where she is learning piano and developing her voice.
When Saskia was 11 years old, she blew me away with her cover of "River Deep Mountain High". In the same period she released her first recording of her original song "I`m Strong". The lyrics, written by her mum, are in the video. Unfortunately, for many people still actual.

At the age of 12, singer/songwriter Henno William was the first one ever who got the `golden buzzer` in South Africa`s Got Talent for his performance of `Let it Be`. He reached the finals, performing `With a Litle Help from My Friends`, but didn`t won. Anyway, he did make a name for himself inside and outside South Africa. Talking about names: some people call him the next Justin Bieber, but Henno corrects that immediately: "I am the next Henno William".

His first single `Beauty Queen` was released when he just turned 13. Recently a second single `The Best Part` is released. Both singles are available i.a. at iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Amazon.
Henno works together with a producer based in LA.

Country Music & Me is the second album from Keelan Arbuckle, including great songs as Amarillo By Morning, Wanted, Act Naturally and That Summer. His first album `That`s Important To Me` seems to be sold out but don`t worry, you will find the title track from that cd on this album as well.
The album is available at several places, or can be ordered at IrishMusic.

Keelan is working with producer Steve Bloor, who is also working with Simon Peters, Ben Troy, Gerald Ahern (the Wee Amigos), Owen Mac, Kelly Davitt and many more Irish country musicians.

Ky Baldwin is a young singer/songwriter, well known from Australia`s Got Talent (tap dancing, 2011) and the Voice Kids (2014).
Now he is exciting and proud (and so we are) to announce his first album: The Beginning. This CD contains 6 originals songs and 3 covers.
Let`s hope, this is only the beginning.

Ky is currently working on his second EP and expects to release within the next couple of months.

Birthday on Sunday: Alexi Blue (20), Avishai Rosen (19);
Monday: Tomine Mikkeline (20);
Tuesday: Sylwia Lipka (21);

some more by Caroline Dare

Sign of the Times

Teenage Dirtbag

I`m the One for You

Wish You Were Mine

Close to You (Dare)

Safe And Sound + Ana and Eva (2015)

Broken Home

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new videos

Polina Bogusevich
Крылья (Wings)

I Dreamed a Dream
[tvk1-UK blind auditions]

Story of My Life
[tvk1-UK blind auditions]

Pie Jesu
[tvk1-UK blind auditions]

Hey There Deliah
[tvk1-UK blind auditions]

What About Us

Kristian Kostov
September Song

[tvk1-UK blind auditions]

Jessica Baio
Too Good at Goodbyes

Charlotte Zone

Joselyn Sky
Homeward Bound

Kain Rivers

Callista Clark
Without Darkness

James Bakian
Perfect (Sheeran)

Owen Mac
Rollin` Home

Dorian Duta
Sign of the Times

Diana Petcu
ft. Andrei Cerbu
Love of My Life

Toby Randall
Perfect (Sheeran)

I Won`t Give Up

Anthony Malm
ft. Angèle
Let Her Go

Sky High

Luca Emanuel
Perfect (Sheeran)

Daniil Sokolenko
А по Арбату льют дожди

Daria Stefan
When We Were Young

Jadyn Rylee
ft. Brayden Ryle
Only You (Rylee)

Daniil Sokolenko


Vladimir Chernoklinov
Праздник осени (Autumn Festival)

Leo Rispal
ft. Héloïse Rispal
Ce rêve bleu

Leif Lunburg
All of Me

Lyza Bull
Stand in the Light

She Wolf

Kevin Jones
Everytime (Pablo)

Sophia Dion

Perfect (Sheeran)

Dorian Duta
What Lovers Do

Toby Randall

Giselle Torres
Perfect (Sheeran)

Griffin Tucker
La Grange

Charlotte Zone
ft. Sina
Te Amo

Teodor Danci
Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti

Matthieu L

Tico-Tico no Fubá

Jada Facer
I Wouldn`t Mind

Toby Randall

The Joker

Isac Elliot
I Wrote a Song for You

Sawyer Fredericks

Natalia Atkinson
Dancing on My Own + Can I Be Him


Jake Whipple
ft. Farris Turner
Galway Girl

Toby Lee

James Bakian
Red Pill Blues

Caroline Dare
The Weight (Dare)

Christian Lalama

Lauren Isenberg
Electric Love

Max and Harvey
Words (Vamps)

Toby Randall

ft. Skye
Ways to Be Wicked

Andreea Munteanu
ft. Andrei Cerbu
Sweet Child o` Mine

Jannine Weigel
Heart Stop

Alessandra Cowan

Maya Delgado
Shades of You

Tracks of My Tears

Mini Pop Kids
Feel It Still

Jada Facer
ft. Kyson Facer

Lucas Ciliberti
We`re All Brothers

Jacob Sartorius
No Music

Dalton Cyr
Stay til June

Don`t Tell Mom
I`ll Be Just Fine

Matty B
Right in Front of You

Brooke Falls
Slow Down (Nordeman)

Christian Lalama
Perfect (Sheeran)

Henry Gallagher
How Long

Nastya Kormishina

Sergio Almagro
That Something

Xavier Ralph


Martine R
Hurt Like We Did

Toby Randall

Olivia Kay

Vladimir Chernoklinov

Ciera MacKenzie
You Broke up with Me

Samuel Alberto
Colors of the Wind

Aja Neinstein


Nastya Kormishina

Daniil Sokolenko
К белым облакам Швейцарии (To the white clouds of Switzerland)

Mini Pop Kids

[lyric video]

Christian Lalama
Straight from the Heart

Luca Emanuel
Setz di oamoi no zu mia

Johnny Orlando
The Most

Dusk till Dawn

Lukas Janisch
Lost Stars

Daria Stefan
Piatra piatra

James Bakian
Trapped in You

Charlotte Zone
ft. Sina

Connie Talbot
Tomorrow Starts Today

Dorian Duta

Aditi Iyer

Robin Jonckheere
ft. Tim Bostoen

Nastya Kormishina
Я Искала Тебя

Leo Rispal

Saskia Eng

Sofiya Fedorova

Brandon Orgill
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Young Dumb and Broke

Evelyn Grace
ft. Lyza Bull
Teach Me to Walk

Sign of the Times

Sam Newman

Matthieu GX
Young Dumb and Broke

Arthur Horeanu
ft. Andrei Cerbu + Sina
Entre dos tierras

Lauren Isenberg
ft. Aja Neinstein
Camila Cabello

Henry Gallagher
Camila Cabello


Dorian Duta
How Long (Puth)

First Cut is the Deepest

Joel Schneider
Keine ist wie du

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Polina Bogusevich
Крылья (Wings)
[Russia, 188 points]

Grigol Kipshidze
Voice of the Heart (გულის ხმა)
[Georgia, 185 points]

Isabella Clarke
Speak Up (jesc)
[Australia, 172 points]

Love Me
[the Netherlands, 156 points]

Helena Meraai
I Am the One
[Belarus, 149 points]

[Armenia, 148 points]

Anastasiya Baginska
Не зупиняй (Don`t Stop)
[Ukraine, 147 points]

Alicja Rega
Mój Dom
[Poland, 138 points]

Gianluca Cilia
Dawra Tond
[Malta, 107 points]

Irina Brodić and Jana Paunović
Ceo svet je naš
[Serbia, 92 points]

Maria Iside Fiore
Scelgo (My Choice)
[Italia, 86 points]

Mina Blažev
Dancing Through Life
[Macedonia, 69 points]

Ana Kodra
Mos Ma Prekni Pemen (Don’t Touch My Tree)
[Albania, 67 points]

Muireann McDonnell
Suile Glasa
[Ireland, 54 points]

Mariana Venâncio
[Portugal, 54 points]

Nicole Nicolaou
I Wanna Be a Star
[Cyprus, 45 points]

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