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Allan Clelland-Goddard
Florida, USA

Allan Clelland-Goddard was born in England on July 29, 1997. Only three months old he and his family moved to Trinidad (Trinidad & Tobago).
Now, Allan and his family lives in Florida.

Allan loves music and singing from an early age. Only six years old he won a song contest at school and two years later, a national singing competition.
Allan likes to become an actor or singer. And he has some experience. He played in three musicals: Oliver in the musical Oliver(based on Charles Dickens novell), Kurt in the Sound of Music and Chip in Beauty and the Beast.

The first song I heard from Allan was his song Street Children. Street Children describes the plight of the many (according to United Nations estimates more than 150 million), homeless street children who daily struggle to survive.
The text was written by Allan`s mother, Deborah. In a few weeks time, Street Children became the most viewed video on this website.

New YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCWhT1ylLyG5DJ--3hFSK4Gg

Allan Clelland-Goddard (July 29, 1997, UK)
Website: www.allanclelland-goddard.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/clellard
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