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Simon Peters
Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan, IRL

Ireland's Country Kid Simon Peters

Simon Peters, aka Simon Donegal, has been on the Country music scene for the past year enjoying great success, including recently winning Entertainer of Year at the West Limerick Awards and will be going to Scotland to do a show with Gene Watson.

He appeared on the Late Late Toy show in 2010 and recording trip to Nashville. Simon is a YouTube hit with a duet with John Hogan with over 50000 hits.
Producer Steve Bloor has worked very closely with Simon over the past year including producing all his videos.

Simon recently won Young Country Star at the Hot Country TV Awards night.
Simon joined the Wee amigos in their hits 'The Galway Girl' and 'Say You Love Me'.

Simon has an album out call 'Young Country' with duets with John Hogan and Noel Flynn and live recording from the Jamboree in Nashville.
A DVD 'Ireland's Country Kid' is just released.

Simon Peters (Simon Donegan) (January 30, 2000)
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/skbl123
Facebook: www.facebook.com/simon.petersdonegan